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This is Adventist HealthCare's Learning Suite 1.0

2013 Training- All employees and affiliates should click here: Learning Suite 2.0


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 Note:  No new rosters are accepted for data entry.  Contact LearningSuite2@ahm.com  for training on using Learning Suite 2.0 as an Instructor. 



If you need support or have a question:

  • Please call the servicedesk for assistance with your username/password
  • Questions about your assignments email learningsuite2@ahm.com
  • Remember, assignments ONLY show up on your My Assignments page, so check there for outstanding assignments.

Your Learning Suite Administrators

Academic Honesty Policy

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty is highly valued at the Education Institute of Adventist Healthcare. Academic dishonesty includes cheating on exams, plagiarism, presenting false credentials, and any type of dishonesty associated with professional education and competencies.

Academic dishonesty harms the AHC community in many ways:

  • It frustrates honest employees by the unfairness of misconduct that goes undetected and therefore unpunished.
  • It compromises the knowledge and competencies necessary for an employee to perform his or her job effectively, which may result in injuring oneself, a co-workers or a patient.
  • It cheats the individual of a valuable education that can enhance his or her professional development or career.

All employees are expected to conduct themselves according to the code of ethics and standards outlined in the AHCs Organizational Integrity Plan.

Bad Weather Policy

Go to this page to see the weather policy as it relates to courses


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